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About Lilibet

Lilibet philosophy

Don’t be a follower. Be a leader. Each piece of Lilibet Designart is a special accessory for bold, strong and self-confident personalities. Wear your Lilibet "Power Flowers" as magic amulets to shield you from negativity and protect your uniqueness.

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself. you are allowed to be different. You are always perfect and beautiful.

Lilibet Designart is a small manufactory in Winterthur, Switzerland dedicated to establish, grow and preserve happiness of each unique individual for a much brighter future.

Each Lilibet piece is handmade and unique – unique like you. A studio full of creativity, art and individuality. Can jewellery also be art? YES - art is jewellery. You can enjoy art, just look at it or even wear it. Wear it, feel it, be brave, loud and strong. You don’t let negative people get to you.

Meet the artist

Elisabeth Mundwiler - a fascinating mixture of creativity, intelligence, artist, knowledge, systematicity, chaos, storyteller, curiosity, mother, Exuberance, performing arts teacher, inventor, melancholy, reliability, mediator, maker, gratitude, sailing license, joy, strength, growth, friend, loud, colorful, collecting, partner, quick, thinking, a lot, astonishment, self-respect, experience, recklessness, quiet, learning, enthusiasm, tactile, touching.

Lilibet Legacy

Lilibet Designart collections are named after inspiring personalities in the world of art who shaped and inspired the founder and artist behind the brand. Each collection tells a story about a special personality, who influenced the artist on her creative journey.

By naming her collections after her chosen mothers, aunts, sisters and father, Elisabeth Mundwiler wants to pay tribute to personalities who, unlike her natural family, who consistently devalued her, helped her keep her spirit and vision up with their unique perspective and passion for art and so keep their legacy alive.

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.

Louise Bourgeois, "The mother of all mothers" for Elisabeth Mundwiler, was a groundbreaking artist whose work explores themes of identity, sexuality, and the body. Her art is deeply personal and often confrontational, challenging traditional gender roles and societal expectations. Bourgeois is best known for her sculptures, which range from large-scale installations to small, intimate pieces. She continues to inspire Lilibet Designart, having a powerful influence on Elisabeth Mundwilers way of thinking and designing.

Meret Oppenheim was a Swiss artist known for her surrealist sculptures, paintings, and photography. She explored themes of identity, femininity, and sexuality and was a key figure in the development of Surrealism. Her most famous work is "Object," which features a teacup, saucer, and spoon covered in fur. Oppenheim passed away in 1985, but her legacy continues to inspire contemporary art.

Jenny Holzer is an American visual artist who works with text-based installations. Most of her work is presented in public spaces as huge illuminated electronic displays.
Holzer belongs to the feminist branch of a generation of artists that emerged around 1980, looking for new ways to make narrative or commentary an implicit part of visual objects. The subject of Holzer’s work often relates to feminism and sexism. Her work discusses heavy subjects such as sexual assault against women.

The tribute goes to her spiritual aunt Yoko Ono, multimedia artist, singer, songwriter, and peace activist. Her work also encompasses performance art and filmmaking. She is role model in independence and feminism.

Zilla Leutenegger, the youngest of her Elisabeth’s chosen sisters, is a Swiss artist who works with various mediums including painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, and video art. Her work explores themes of identity and human emotions through a surreal and whimsical lens. She is particularly known for her unique video art that blends live-action footage and animation. Her work has been exhibited internationally and has received critical acclaim.

Zullo is just the little brother, just as unique, but derived from the first born in their family, Zilla.

Marlene Dumas is a South African artist known for her figurative paintings and drawings that explore themes of sexuality, identity, and death. Her work features distorted portraits that challenge traditional notions of beauty. She draws inspiration from a variety of sources and is considered one of the most influential painters of her generation.

Alexander, Sandy Calder, her only father of choice has not yet entered her collection.
Alexander, Sandy Calder is one of the most important American sculptors of the 20th century. He is best known for his colorful, whimsical abstract public sculptures and his innovative mobiles, kinetic sculptures powered by motors or air currents, which embraced chance in their aesthetic. Calder was a prodigious artist with a restless creative spirit, whose diverse practice included painting and printmaking, miniatures (such as his famous Cirque Calder), children’s book illustrations, theater set design, jewelry design, tapestries and rugs, and political posters.

These mothers, aunts, father and sisters served as inexhaustible source of inspiration and encouragement for Elisabeth, who had experienced a lot of rejection and devaluation from her family environment.

Her family of choice helped her “grow up” and stand as the autonomous personality and artist she is today.

Incidentally, her extensive family of choice also includes Sophie Taeuber, Eileen Gray, Ray and Charles Eames, Miriam Cahn, Cindy Sherman, Zaha Hahid, Lux Guyer, Hella Jongerius and Charlotte Perriand.

Make everyday a little less ordinary.

Colourful, creative and provocative designer pieces for individuals.

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